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Четверг, 27 Февраль 2020 00:00

Personal prosecutor and head of the district Garik Makhachkala Избранное

Source: Ruriminal

Об этом сообщает Руспрес

Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation conducted searches in the cottages near Moscow and the capital’s apartment of businessman Gavril Abramovich Yushvayev. Officially, the events were connected with a shootout in Moscow City. However, according to Rucriminal.com, the M Office of the FSB of the Russian Federation (participated in the events) had a much broader range of issues to Yushvayev. In particular, counterintelligence agents were interested in his attempts to actually take control of Rublevka. For this, the businessman even set his people on responsible posts. So, his relative Andrei Robertovich Ivanov became the head of the Odintsovo district. Another protégé, Semen Yakubov, took the post of deputy prosecutor of the Moscow Region.

According to Rucriminal.com, Yushvayev himself blames the provocation of Moscow City and the subsequent harassment of the siloviki of his business partner, the Russian businessman and co-owner of Capital Group, Vladislav Doronin. The last person is also not a stranger to the criminal world. How he "lit up" in the case of another massacre at the restaurant Elements on Rochdelskaya Street — Rucriminal.com will tell in the near future. Recently Yushvayev and Doronin actively divided the towers into the "Moscow City", including the tower "Oko" and their relations were bad. And the guards of the towers, clinging to the bodyguards of Garik Makhachkala, were in control of Doronin.

However, all this is not so important. Previously, tried Yushvayev was never "white and fluffy" in business matters and it is illogical for him to complain about "forbidden" practices on the part of enemy partners. It is because of the methods of doing business that the FSB of the Russian Federation has accumulated a huge list of questions to Yushvayev. Therefore, the search of Garik Makhachkala under the pretext of the investigation of shooting from "Moscow City" looks quite understandable. In particular, the TFR and FSB officers visited two cottages in Odintsovo district near Moscow in the village of Gorki-2 and the village of Zhukovka, as well as an apartment located in the Nemanskiy proezd of Moscow, owned by Yushvaev.

The main thing that can not be bothered by the FSB of the Russian Federation is that Garik Makhachkala has taken under his complete control the entire Rublyovka, where high-ranking officials and security officials live. And not just "took", but also arranged his people for responsible positions.

To the number of such puppets of Garik Makhachkala sources of Rucriminal.com include the native of Dagestan, Semyon Yakubov, who only in April 2017 took the post of deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region. About how Yakubov assisted Yushvaev with a separate story. And in the suburbs, he fell in 2014, when just Garik Makhachkala captured Rublyovka. Then Yakubov took the post of prosecutor of Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. And only three years later he moved to the chairs of the deputy prosecutor of the entire Moscow region.

What can I say, if a close relative Yushvvaeva — Andrew Ivanov, and does head the entire Odintsovo district.

As already told Rucriminal.com, a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology Andrei Ivanov, probably still would have worked in some scientific research institute, if not for Arkady’s childhood friend. He had a younger sister, Zoya, with whom Andrew began dating in the days of the students. As a result, they got married, and Ivanov became a member of a new very influential family. Pope Arkady and Zoe — David Abramovich Yushvayev is the brother of Gabriel Abramovich Yushvayev. This businessman has a rich criminal past, served a 10-year sentence for robbery.

Gabriel Yushvayev (Garik Makhachkala) is a mountain Jew, who do not usually involve partners from outside their circle: it must be either a mountain Jew or a family member. Ivanov came under the latter category. As a result, since 1995, when Andrei was 20 years old, he began to work in various structures of Yushvaev and his relatives — CJSC "Marine Trinitarian Line", "ARM" Export-Import ", etc.

Yushvayev himself and his close relatives could not build a career for officials for a variety of reasons. As a result, it was decided to make Ivanova a peculiar representative of the family in power circles. In 2004, Yushvayev had worked to ensure that Andrei, at the age of 29, was appointed deputy governor of the Bryansk region. The calculation was made that eventually Ivanov would settle in the region and could either occupy the governor’s seat, or at least become a State Duma deputy from Bryansk. But large financial injections into the project "Ivanov-bureaucrat" have not been particularly successful. To the post of the head of the region, Andrei did not even come close, and he completely "piled up" all the election campaigns to the State Duma.

The only thing that turned out well for Ivanov is to serve the financial interests of the Yushvayev family. In 2008-2009, he organized a fictitious bankruptcy of such large enterprises as Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Housing Estate", OJSC "Bryanskspirtoprom", OJSC "BMZ-Bytservis" in the Bryansk region.

As a result, the property of these enterprises, worth more than 1.5 billion rubles, for only 500 million rubles, went to capital firms controlled by Yushvayev. Serious help in this fraud was provided to Ivanova by the judge of the arbitration court Natalia Bayramova.

Since the 2000s, Gabriel Yushvayev and his business partner David Yakobashvili have been buying up collective-farm lands on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. And in 2010 they acquired a controlling stake in ZAO Agrocomplex Gorki-2 (owns huge territories in Odintsovo District). In this enterprise, their partner was Timofei Klinovsky, who had previously helped Yushvayeva and Yakobashvili in acquiring land. Klinovsky was the "right hand" of Alexander Gladyshev, who led the district since 1991. This "bundle" worked according to this scheme. Gladishev, using official resources, organized so that the collective-farm (and not only) the land on Rublevka for kopeks went to Klinovsky. And he already sold them at market prices.

In 2012, Klinovsky and Yushvayev decided that they no longer needed an "independent player" as head of the Odintsovo district. This place should take a completely controlled person. As a result, Ivanov, whom he appointed as his assistant on general issues, was recommended to Gladishev, who did not suspect anything. And in December 2013, a small "coup" was organized at Rublyovka as a result of which Gladyshev left his job, and Andrei Ivanov was appointed the head of the administration of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. In September 2014 he was elected head of the district. One of the first decisions of Andrei Robertovich in the new post was the appointment of his deputy Natalia Bayramova. That same former arbitration judge, with the help of which the family of Yushvaevs received property for 1.5 billion rubles.

And then there were quite expected events. In his post, Ivanov "exclusively" serves Yushuvaev’s interests.

Source: Ruriminal

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